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Hourly Dong, from Glass Onion

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In the movie “Glass Onion”, there’s a recurring background chime: every hour, a resounding “dong!” with some chimes. Turning this into a ringtone sounded like fun.


Here’s the playable mp3 (I didn’t make the mp3, see below for the source):

And here’s the m4r version, usable as a ringtone on iPhones. It’s an aac / mp4 (audio-only) file.

how to use this on iPhones

This seems like something that should be easy and built-in, but it’s not. This is using Music, not iTunes, on a Mac.

To transfer the file: Download the m4r file, and open a Finder window for Downloads (or wherever you saved the file).

Plug your device in.

Open the General view in Finder for your device.

Drag and drop the “hourly dong” m4r file over to that Finder window.

You should be good to go!


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