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I’m moving much of my audio over to Amazon S3. Old links should keep working.  I’ll check before I change the links & I’ll keep an eye out for breakage, but if I miss anything, please let me know!


China Miéville, 2007-02-28

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From the archives, but previously unpublished: This is an old, lo-fi recording of a China Miéville Q&A from a couple of years ago, as part of his tour for Un Lun Dun, at the Fourth St. Berkeley location of Cody’s, now closed & dearly missed.

Listing the questions made it seem somehow less engaging, so I’ll leave those out, with the exception of a hard-to-hear reference: When he talks about his reading material, he mentions the story of Saki (the pen name of H.H. Munro) called Sredni Vashtar.

His latest book, The City & the City, is being published this month.

Download the MP3 – 38 minutes, 36 megabytes, 128 kbps.

I’m posting this at a new subdomain; let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


Dave Mathews, Software is the New Hardware, Dorkbot-SF, 2009-03-11

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Dave Mathews (with one “t,” not two) gave a presentation – “Software is the New Hardware” – for Dorkbot-SF in March, at the Hat Factory.

Video available at vimeo.

You can follow him on Twitter – @ggdm.