China Miéville, 2007-02-28

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From the archives, but previously unpublished: This is an old, lo-fi recording of a China Miéville Q&A from a couple of years ago, as part of his tour for Un Lun Dun, at the Fourth St. Berkeley location of Cody’s, now closed & dearly missed.

Listing the questions made it seem somehow less engaging, so I’ll leave those out, with the exception of a hard-to-hear reference: When he talks about his reading material, he mentions the story of Saki (the pen name of H.H. Munro) called Sredni Vashtar.

His latest book, The City & the City, is being published this month.

Download the MP3 – 38 minutes, 36 megabytes, 128 kbps.

I’m posting this at a new subdomain; let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


SVHMPC / hbmobile – 2008-03-12

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Silicon Valley Homebrewed Mobile Phone Club, held in conjunction with the Emerging Communications Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Mark Wood talked about the Cell Broadcast System, for broadcasting text messages over geographic areas. He’s the CTO of CellCast, & he lectures on Disaster Telecommunications at the University of Wisconsin. He also works with organizations such as ETSI, ITU, & the Civil Emergency Alert Service Association.

For more information, see hbmobile.org (currently down).

Video – Posted at Google Video.
Audio – mp3 – 62 min, 44 meg, 96kbps.

Edit: Here are some supplements while hbmobile.org is down: a new mailing list, a working mirror of the wiki (content dating from late February), & the mirrored meeting announcement, in which it becomes clear that the description above was swiped.


2008-05-14 – Ocean Beach

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This is all surf. There’s almost nothing from nearby cars, people, dogs, or seagulls.
mp3 – 59 min, 56 meg.


Fake Steve Jobs, 2007-11-02

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Soon after being uncovered as Fake Steve Jobs, Daniel Lyons visited Books Inc. in San Francisco to talk about the experience of writing the blog.

He talks about the genesis of the larger-than-life persona, the joys & contortions of working with Forbes, My Little Pony, company access, appearing in slash fanfiction, FSJ crushes (Bike Helmet Girl & Veronica Belmont, who were present), appearing at Microsoft, trolling with intentional mistakes, Krasnodar (sp?), Russia, clowning the audience, siooma, & more.

The camera was awkwardly placed in front of a column, to stay out of the way. So, even though I sat right in front of Bike Helmet Girl, she and everybody else in the audience is off-camera. Sorry.

Video is up at Google.
mp3: 51 min. 37 meg @ 96kbps.

Edit: Whoops, I meant “Bike Helmet Girl,” not “Bicycle Helmet Girl.”


2007-02-01 – She’s Such a Geek, reading 2 of 2

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This is the second reading I went to; here’s the first.

Liz Henry recapped this live. (This is how you liveblog.)

In order, the readers this time: Kristin Abkemeier, Ellen Spertus, Jenn Shreve, Corie Ralston, Charlie Anders, Annalee Newitz, and then Q&A.

Download the audio (62 minutes, 44 megabytes): MP3


2007-01-25 – She’s Such a Geek, reading 1 of 2

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Annalee Newitz & Charlie Anders edited & contributed to “She’s Such a Geek,” a book about women in domains traditionally viewed as being only for men. This reading took place at City Lights on 2007-01-25. There’s a good summary of the event up on the blog for the book.

Contributors who read this time (in order of reading): Devin Grayson, Michelle Villanueva, Charlie Anders, Quinn Norton, Morgan Romine, & Annalee Newitz. A Q&A followed.

Download the audio (59 minutes, 42 megabytes): mp3

(No AAC in the foreseeable future.)


Charles Stross – 2007-10-12

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Charlie Stross visited San Francisco for a reading & Q&A at Borders – Union Square. This was the last event in his October 2007 tour of the West Coast, in support of Halting State.

Here it is on Google Video. If you want to skip the reading, the Q&A starts around 40:25 in – if I got that link right.

Download the mp3: 70 min, 50 meg.


2007-10-10 – Mark Pauline at Dorkbot Todd Blair fundraiser

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The beginning of Mark Pauline’s presentation at the Dorkbot Todd Blair fundraiser was moving.

I posted the video over on Google video, & here’s the audio as an mp3.

Edit: The Dorkbot fundraiser continues, & there’s a blog tracking Todd Blair’s recovery.


Jonathan Coulton, 2007-09-14

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Jonathan Coulton performed at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California, on September 14, 2007. I’m one of a few people to post video. Pirates & video links after the cut. See Jonathan Coulton’s blog entry for that performance for more information, or other recordings. He also has a forum posting about this show.

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Wifi for SF, 2006-12-04

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This is the meeting from December 4th, the tenth of twelve total meetings, & the fourth of six I recorded.

Dan from Google was the main speaker. Stephen Salinger from Earthlink was there to field questions, as always. Michael McCarthy from the TechConnect Task Force spoke a bit.

The atmosphere was nice enough. Dan noted that some people had read the media coverage & had thought that the network was well on its way, rather than (at the time) not approved by the mayor or the Board of Supervisors.

Download it (33 meg, 68 minutes):

Edit: Fixed links.

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