Jeremy Bornstein & Lenny Raymond, The Mongoliad, Dorkbot-SF, 2010-06-09

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Jeremy Bornstein & Lenny Raymond of Subutai talk about The Mongoliad, the new Neal Stephenson multi-media app & book, for Dorkbot-SF.

The video’s up at Vimeo.

For more info, see


Tim Hunkin, dorkbot-sf, 2010-05-05

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Tim Hunkin, cartoonist & engineer with an impish sense of humor, demonstrates some of his latest arcade machines.

This is the second time he’s presented at Dorkbot – audio of his first presentation was the first recording I posted here. 🙂

Video’s available at Vimeo.

More info:


Dorkbot-SF, 2009-09-23, lofi streaming video

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With major help from Miloh from Noisebridge, the launch of the DorkbotSF Ustream channel.

Other Opendorks were taped, but not streamed.
More info on the Dorkbot-SF page for this meeting.


Jon Sarriugarte & crew, Hogan Tesla Coil demonstration, Dorkbot-SF, 2009-06-20

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Crazy? Or crazy awesome? Jon Sarriugarte & crew demonstrate a 1928 Hogan Tesla Coil on volunteers around 1am at the Dorkbot-SF 7th Anniversary Party.

The video is up on Vimeo.

More info at the sites for Jon Sarriugarte, Form and Reform (the venue), & the Dorkbot-SF page for this meeting.


Greg Leyh, Lightning Lab & Tesla Coils, Dorkbot-SF, 2009-06-03

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Greg Leyh talks about the state of the art of big tesla coils, for Dorkbot-SF. The Q&A starts about 20 minutes in.

The video’s at Vimeo, along with the video of the Tesla coil demonstration that followed.

Greg Leyh has more information at the Nevada Lightning Laboratory & Lightning on Demand sites.

The Dorkbot-SF page for this meeting has more media, including more video of the coil demonstration.


Dave Mathews, Software is the New Hardware, Dorkbot-SF, 2009-03-11

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Dave Mathews (with one “t,” not two) gave a presentation – “Software is the New Hardware” – for Dorkbot-SF in March, at the Hat Factory.

Video available at vimeo.

You can follow him on Twitter – @ggdm.


Bruce Damer, The EvoGrid, Dorkbot-SF, 2009-04-08

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Bruce Damer talks about meteors hitting the earth, probing & mining asteroids, creating new lifeforms, sustainable space travel, & more.

Bruce Damer
The EvoGrid
At The Gallery with No Name

More info at (primarily) damer.com though digitalspace.com & evogrid.org & b612foundation.org & biota.org are closely related.



Mitch Altman, TV-B-Gone & lifehacking, Dorkbot-SF, 2009-02-25

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Mitch Altman talked about the invention of TV-B-Gone & lifehacking, for Dorkbot-SF, at PariSoMa in San Francisco, CA.

You can watch the video at Google Video or Youtube.

More info:
Cornfield Electronics
the Dorkbot-SF page for this meeting


Jeremy Bornstein, Introduction to Soapmaking, Dorkbot-SF, 2008-05-29

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Jeremy Bornstein demonstrates the making of soap, for Dorkbot-SF, at Polly Harrold’s Sometime Gallery, in Oakland, CA.

It’s just under 28 minutes long.
Video posted at Google Video & also Vimeo (as an experiment).


2007-10-10 – Mark Pauline at Dorkbot Todd Blair fundraiser

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The beginning of Mark Pauline’s presentation at the Dorkbot Todd Blair fundraiser was moving.

I posted the video over on Google video, & here’s the audio as an mp3.

Edit: The Dorkbot fundraiser continues, & there’s a blog tracking Todd Blair’s recovery.

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