SVHMPC / hbmobile – 2008-03-12

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Silicon Valley Homebrewed Mobile Phone Club, held in conjunction with the Emerging Communications Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Mark Wood talked about the Cell Broadcast System, for broadcasting text messages over geographic areas. He’s the CTO of CellCast, & he lectures on Disaster Telecommunications at the University of Wisconsin. He also works with organizations such as ETSI, ITU, & the Civil Emergency Alert Service Association.

For more information, see hbmobile.org (currently down).

Video – Posted at Google Video.
Audio – mp3 – 62 min, 44 meg, 96kbps.

Edit: Here are some supplements while hbmobile.org is down: a new mailing list, a working mirror of the wiki (content dating from late February), & the mirrored meeting announcement, in which it becomes clear that the description above was swiped.


SVHMPC meeting, 2007-01-24

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Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club is a group working on making a mobile phone built with open blueprints, from parts with open documentation, & using open source software.

For more info, see telefono.revejo.org & hbmobile.org, & only slightly related opencellphone.org too. Share & enjoy.

Download audio, 43 min at 64kbps, 21 meg:

This is an abridged version. The other two hours or so are much like the last minute here: several conversations going at once.