Dorkbot, 2006-11-30

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This was more Konteijner than Dorkbot. This came first before other recordings because the recording didn’t need much work, & it directly relates to stuff going on later this week.

Just want to listen to it? It’s 68 minutes, & 34 meg.

  • mp3
  • aac / m4b – this has the times listed below marked as chapters.

The contents:

  • Intro: This was a cold start – in mid-sentence – because the recording hardware only started reluctantly.
  • 15:30 – Ivan Marusic Klif
  • 30:15 – Magdalena Pederin
  • 36:00 – Marcell Mars – Geek Culture, see mama.mi2.hr
  • 60:00 – upcoming at Device Art, say, Thursday & Saturday.

For more information: blasthaus.comkontejner.org



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I’ve been busy recording, & I’m behind on posting items; sorry about that. I’m working tomorrow, so I won’t get any editing done until Sunday.

This is just a note to nudge myself into working on stuff, & possibly to let you, my somewhat hypothetical readers, know that I haven’t forgotten about that awesome event that I said I’d post.
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