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I’ve been busy recording, & I’m behind on posting items; sorry about that. I’m working tomorrow, so I won’t get any editing done until Sunday.

This is just a note to nudge myself into working on stuff, & possibly to let you, my somewhat hypothetical readers, know that I haven’t forgotten about that awesome event that I said I’d post.

I recorded directly from the PA system, so the presenter’s really clear, including the stereo phase examples. The crowd mic was turned way down on the mixer, though, so I’m waiting to hear back from someone with an alternate recording so I can fill in the blanks from the audience.

one channel: pa system.
other: binaural mic, clipped to turntable stands.

I just need to mix this down. This is probably my first priority, because part of it was dedicated to stuff that’s coming up over the next week, & this could actually be timely yet. 🙂

SF Wireless/2006-12-04

Entirely via binaural mic, with a somewhat flaky phantom power supply.

This means that lots of amplification is needed, & noise reduction on background static might be needed.
I waited nearly an hour for the presentation & then suggestions of dinner intruded.
They had a panel at the Commonwealth Club on Thursday, which might have been recorded for radio & podcast.

one channel: binaural mic.
other: Sony omnidir mic.

I haven’t had a chance to really check my results on this yet.  It sounded really quiet.

Just the Sony omnidir mic. I arrived late & I was in a hurry to set up & start recording.

I haven’t listened to this one yet, & this is the only recording that’s not safely copied elsewhere right now. In fact the iPod’s not admitting it holds any music, or presenting any files to my computer. I’m sure it will be fine, but I have other areas in which I’d rather spend my time.

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