Jonathan Coulton, 2007-09-14

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Jonathan Coulton performed at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California, on September 14, 2007. I’m one of a few people to post video. Pirates & video links after the cut. See Jonathan Coulton’s blog entry for that performance for more information, or other recordings. He also has a forum posting about this show.

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John Hodgman at Cody’s Books

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On the 12th of October, John Hodgman visited Cody’s Books in San Francisco, for the tour of the paperback Areas of my Expertise. He’s also the PC in the Mac ads, & he’s a correspondent on the Daily Show, & he has a blog.

There is some good video of this event, from kwc.org (the first 40 minutes!) & from Violet Blue (some short segments).

Here are the mp3 & AAC/M4B versions; they’re both 22meg, 32kbps, recorded at 22khz. I was close to the back of the crowd.

I tried out an audio compressor, instead of tweaking audio volume envelopes throughout.

Update, 2007-02-07: Gee, I should’ve mentioned Jonathan Coulton before. I put in chapters:

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