The Gothic Archies, 2006-11-11

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On the 11th, Book Passage in Corte Madera had Lemony Snicket do a reading. At least, that was the plan. Unfortunately, Snicket didn’t make it, so Daniel Handler & Stephin Merritt gamely carried on without him, doing some songs as The Gothic Archies (without the percussion section).

Their stated purpose is to convince people not to read the horrible, hideous books, in which terrible things happen to undeserving people. Instead of listening, though, people just laughed, as if they were in on the joke.

It’s nice to share. Proceed with caution. The proprietor assumes no liability for any trauma incurred due to this, but would like to keep the option of “malicious glee” open for any tales of same.
Downloads: (33 minutes)

  • MP3 (23 meg @ 96kbps)
  • AAC audiobook (16 meg @ 64kbps) – This has chapter headings, one for each song. This is my first attempt at an enhanced podcast, despite the fact that this is not a podcast.

My email address is on the about page, incidentally.

Update, 2007-02-07: I fixed the artist tags. Whoops.


Wifi For SF meeting in Russian Hill

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This is the meeting on November 15th, the eighth meeting so far, of eleven or twelve planned. This meeting is for the neighborhoods of Cow Hollow, Marina, & Pacific Heights.

The main speaker was Chris (sp?) from Google, & Stephen (sp?) from Earthlink was there, just answering questions.

Downloads: (62 min)

  • mp3 (64 kbps, 29 meg)
  • m4b (32 kbps, 15 meg)

The background noise of the microphone sometimes drowns out people other than the speaker. The questions at this meeting mainly revolved around the level of energy that will be emitted, compared to baby monitors & cell phones, but not radio stations or the sun.

Sites that get mentioned: TechConnect
All the recordings should be under the Wifi for SF category.

Wifi For SF meeting in Hayes Valley

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This is the meeting from November 14th, the seventh meeting so far, of eleven or twelve planned. This is for the neighborhoods of Haight-Ashbury, Panhandle, Western Addition, & Hayes Valley.


  • Dan from Google
  • Stephen (sp?) from Earthlink, just taking questions
  • Lauran Efurd & Michael McCarthy from the TechConnect Task Force

Laughter from a meeting next door can be heard at times. People other than the speaker sometimes fade into the background noise. Some pointed questions were asked.
Downloads: (78 min)

  • mp3 (64 kbps, 19 meg)
  • m4b (32 kbps, 37 meg)

Sites that get mentioned: TechConnect & Zero Divide.

Boring technical details follow.

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Wifi For SF meeting in the Sunset

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Google & Earthlink are working with the city of San Francisco to provide both free & paid wireless service across the city. They’re holding community forums (fora?) to tell people about their proposal. (Hm – it points over here.)
I’d heard about heated opposition at previous meetings, so I decided to observe one. There wasn’t any acrimony here.

Check it out:

  • mp3
  • aac/m4b – iPods & iTunes should automatically hold your place when you pause

John Hodgman at Cody’s Books

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On the 12th of October, John Hodgman visited Cody’s Books in San Francisco, for the tour of the paperback Areas of my Expertise. He’s also the PC in the Mac ads, & he’s a correspondent on the Daily Show, & he has a blog.

There is some good video of this event, from kwc.org (the first 40 minutes!) & from Violet Blue (some short segments).

Here are the mp3 & AAC/M4B versions; they’re both 22meg, 32kbps, recorded at 22khz. I was close to the back of the crowd.

I tried out an audio compressor, instead of tweaking audio volume envelopes throughout.

Update, 2007-02-07: Gee, I should’ve mentioned Jonathan Coulton before. I put in chapters:

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Dorkbot SF, October 2006

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Posting this recording is the reason I finally set up a domain…

This info is on its own page, but I’ll repeat it here…

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Hello world!

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This is an attempt to simplify posting information & audio recordings.