Dorkbot SF, October 2006

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Posting this recording is the reason I finally set up a domain…

This info is on its own page, but I’ll repeat it here…

The Dorkbot-SF site has a page for the October 2006 meeting.

  • Download as MP3 (39 meg).
  • Download as M4B (39 meg). AAC-encoded audiobook for iTunes & iPods. If you pause or stop this, it should automatically hold your place when you return to it.

This was recorded with a second generation iPod Nano, a MicroMemo, & a generic RadioShack microphone. A direct feed to the PA system would have avoided the echo – we’ll do that next time.

Both of these are at 64kbps encoding, the default for my encoders (LAME & iTunes).

Update, 2007-02-07: I’ve fixed the cover art on the AAC file, & put in chapters:

  • 0:00 – Mike Kuniavsky – The Coming Age of Magic
  • 30:06 – Tim Hunkin – Reinventing the Amusement Space
  • 1:13:11 – Open Dork starts
  • 1:14:50 – Marc Powell

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