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I’m moving much of my audio over to Amazon S3. Old links should keep working.  I’ll check before I change the links & I’ll keep an eye out for breakage, but if I miss anything, please let me know!


Random noodling

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I set up another area for my random noodling around, such as recreating an… unusual… font.



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Okay, let me try starting this thing up again.


Finally, a week without overtime

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I’ve been throwing myself into my work lately, which doesn’t leave enough energy to properly do the audio editing. Just for a change of pace, I’m going to try to work on some of the backlog recordings this weekend.


Cleaning up a bit

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I’m putting chapters into the John Hodgman reading & the October Dorkbot, & properly tagging the Gothic Archies.

I’m heading slowly toward podcasting.

Additional forthcoming: readings for She’s Such a Geek.



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I’ve been busy recording, & I’m behind on posting items; sorry about that. I’m working tomorrow, so I won’t get any editing done until Sunday.

This is just a note to nudge myself into working on stuff, & possibly to let you, my somewhat hypothetical readers, know that I haven’t forgotten about that awesome event that I said I’d post.
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Hello world!

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This is an attempt to simplify posting information & audio recordings.