Wifi For SF meeting in Hayes Valley

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This is the meeting from November 14th, the seventh meeting so far, of eleven or twelve planned. This is for the neighborhoods of Haight-Ashbury, Panhandle, Western Addition, & Hayes Valley.


  • Dan from Google
  • Stephen (sp?) from Earthlink, just taking questions
  • Lauran Efurd & Michael McCarthy from the TechConnect Task Force

Laughter from a meeting next door can be heard at times. People other than the speaker sometimes fade into the background noise. Some pointed questions were asked.
Downloads: (78 min)

  • mp3 (64 kbps, 19 meg)
  • m4b (32 kbps, 37 meg)

Sites that get mentioned: TechConnect & Zero Divide.

Boring technical details follow.

I attempted some noise reduction, to no good effect, except background beeping like a 1950s movie computer. The noise reduction sometimes completely removed any sound from the audience. I have some new gear – new microphones, phantom power supply – that sound much clearer, although possibly quieter.

I just trimmed the audio, removed pops, compressed the audio levels, & amplified it.

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