Fake Steve Jobs, 2007-11-02

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Soon after being uncovered as Fake Steve Jobs, Daniel Lyons visited Books Inc. in San Francisco to talk about the experience of writing the blog.

He talks about the genesis of the larger-than-life persona, the joys & contortions of working with Forbes, My Little Pony, company access, appearing in slash fanfiction, FSJ crushes (Bike Helmet Girl & Veronica Belmont, who were present), appearing at Microsoft, trolling with intentional mistakes, Krasnodar (sp?), Russia, clowning the audience, siooma, & more.

The camera was awkwardly placed in front of a column, to stay out of the way. So, even though I sat right in front of Bike Helmet Girl, she and everybody else in the audience is off-camera. Sorry.

Video is up at Google.
mp3: 51 min. 37 meg @ 96kbps.

Edit: Whoops, I meant “Bike Helmet Girl,” not “Bicycle Helmet Girl.”

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