Dorkbot, 2006-11-08

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Three months later, after carefully cleaning this up, I’m, um, going to blabber on about it now.

The presentations at this meeting were very visual: first, a map of neighborhoods, drawn from Craigslist postings; second, software to visualize audio by frequency & the slight audio delays between ears.

However, as far as I know, no good copies of the streaming video for that night were saved. I would love to be mistaken. I’d almost suggest playing along with the map & audio software as you listen to this. The audio’s posted in decent-quality audio, so the software might actually have enough info to work.

Setting up & cleaning up this recording was a learning experience: I didn’t record the audience very well, & my recorder dropped a couple of minutes in a Q&A, which included a phone call from the internet to ask a question. I recovered audience commentary to the best of my ability, with limited materials; I lucked out that I could get the audience audible at all.

I left in the daughter of Jonathan Moore, the MC, just because I got a kick out of her happily wandering in, babbling for a bit, & then being given the controls of a flamethrower.

Anyway. Here’s the audio: 95 minutes, 90 meg. I encoded these at 128kbps because stereo music is involved.

For more information, see the Dorkbot SF page on this meeting.
Chapter times for the mp3; these are embedded in the aac already.

  • 0:00:00 – Matt Chisholm and Ross Cohen, The Neighborhood Project
  • 0:27:23 – Greg Hazel, Incoherence
  • 1:06:48 – Opendork
  • 1:07:55 – Hallie McConlough, Encounter Studio
  • 1:09:29 – Bjoern Harman, Color Field Camera
  • 1:23:43 – Simone Davalos, El Espanol Borracho
  • 1:30:02 – animatronic donation box
  • 1:31:25 – V. Vale – RE/Search Pranks 2

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