Jonathan Coulton, 2007-09-14

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Jonathan Coulton performed at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California, on September 14, 2007. I’m one of a few people to post video. Pirates & video links after the cut. See Jonathan Coulton’s blog entry for that performance for more information, or other recordings. He also has a forum posting about this show.

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Okay, let me try starting this thing up again.


Wifi for SF, 2006-12-04

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This is the meeting from December 4th, the tenth of twelve total meetings, & the fourth of six I recorded.

Dan from Google was the main speaker. Stephen Salinger from Earthlink was there to field questions, as always. Michael McCarthy from the TechConnect Task Force spoke a bit.

The atmosphere was nice enough. Dan noted that some people had read the media coverage & had thought that the network was well on its way, rather than (at the time) not approved by the mayor or the Board of Supervisors.

Download it (33 meg, 68 minutes):

Edit: Fixed links.

Finally, a week without overtime

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I’ve been throwing myself into my work lately, which doesn’t leave enough energy to properly do the audio editing. Just for a change of pace, I’m going to try to work on some of the backlog recordings this weekend.


Cleaning up a bit

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I’m putting chapters into the John Hodgman reading & the October Dorkbot, & properly tagging the Gothic Archies.

I’m heading slowly toward podcasting.

Additional forthcoming: readings for She’s Such a Geek.


Dorkbot, 2006-11-08

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Three months later, after carefully cleaning this up, I’m, um, going to blabber on about it now.

The presentations at this meeting were very visual: first, a map of neighborhoods, drawn from Craigslist postings; second, software to visualize audio by frequency & the slight audio delays between ears.

However, as far as I know, no good copies of the streaming video for that night were saved. I would love to be mistaken. I’d almost suggest playing along with the map & audio software as you listen to this. The audio’s posted in decent-quality audio, so the software might actually have enough info to work.

Setting up & cleaning up this recording was a learning experience: I didn’t record the audience very well, & my recorder dropped a couple of minutes in a Q&A, which included a phone call from the internet to ask a question. I recovered audience commentary to the best of my ability, with limited materials; I lucked out that I could get the audience audible at all.

I left in the daughter of Jonathan Moore, the MC, just because I got a kick out of her happily wandering in, babbling for a bit, & then being given the controls of a flamethrower.

Anyway. Here’s the audio: 95 minutes, 90 meg. I encoded these at 128kbps because stereo music is involved.

For more information, see the Dorkbot SF page on this meeting.
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SVHMPC meeting, 2007-01-24

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Silicon Valley Homebrew Mobile Phone Club is a group working on making a mobile phone built with open blueprints, from parts with open documentation, & using open source software.

For more info, see telefono.revejo.org & hbmobile.org, & only slightly related opencellphone.org too. Share & enjoy.

Download audio, 43 min at 64kbps, 21 meg:

This is an abridged version. The other two hours or so are much like the last minute here: several conversations going at once.


Dorkbot, 2006-11-30

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This was more Konteijner than Dorkbot. This came first before other recordings because the recording didn’t need much work, & it directly relates to stuff going on later this week.

Just want to listen to it? It’s 68 minutes, & 34 meg.

  • mp3
  • aac / m4b – this has the times listed below marked as chapters.

The contents:

  • Intro: This was a cold start – in mid-sentence – because the recording hardware only started reluctantly.
  • 15:30 – Ivan Marusic Klif
  • 30:15 – Magdalena Pederin
  • 36:00 – Marcell Mars – Geek Culture, see mama.mi2.hr
  • 60:00 – upcoming at Device Art, say, Thursday & Saturday.

For more information: blasthaus.comkontejner.org



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I’ve been busy recording, & I’m behind on posting items; sorry about that. I’m working tomorrow, so I won’t get any editing done until Sunday.

This is just a note to nudge myself into working on stuff, & possibly to let you, my somewhat hypothetical readers, know that I haven’t forgotten about that awesome event that I said I’d post.
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The Gothic Archies, 2006-11-11

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On the 11th, Book Passage in Corte Madera had Lemony Snicket do a reading. At least, that was the plan. Unfortunately, Snicket didn’t make it, so Daniel Handler & Stephin Merritt gamely carried on without him, doing some songs as The Gothic Archies (without the percussion section).

Their stated purpose is to convince people not to read the horrible, hideous books, in which terrible things happen to undeserving people. Instead of listening, though, people just laughed, as if they were in on the joke.

It’s nice to share. Proceed with caution. The proprietor assumes no liability for any trauma incurred due to this, but would like to keep the option of “malicious glee” open for any tales of same.
Downloads: (33 minutes)

  • MP3 (23 meg @ 96kbps)
  • AAC audiobook (16 meg @ 64kbps) – This has chapter headings, one for each song. This is my first attempt at an enhanced podcast, despite the fact that this is not a podcast.

My email address is on the about page, incidentally.

Update, 2007-02-07: I fixed the artist tags. Whoops.

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